The Benefits of Using a Menstrual Cup and How to Choose One

Whenever I used to hear about menstrual cups I'd shudder....they just seemed so dirty, strange, and foreign. But after some thought and hearing about another one of my friend's using one, I realized maybe foreign is exactly what they were to me, but maybe that wasn't a bad thing, perhaps they were better than what I was used to using, so I decided to give them a shot. 

It didn't hurt that I was sick of spending money on pads and tampons month after month,  especially since I had grown more suspicious about the ingredients used in feminine products and had switched to organic products in an effort to be more health conscious. Besides, I'm particularly bad about buying myself feminine products, partially due them being so unnecessarily expensive but also because whenever it's not my "time of the month" I try not to think about it and enjoy my time, which generally leads to forgetting to purchase said products until I'm in a panic the first day my period shows up. I don't know why I'm not better prepared for it, I act as if I have no clue as to when it's coming (I do, I use the Clue Period Tracker App and it rules). But for some reason,  I never have my act together for something you really do need to be prepared for. I'm just responsible like that. 

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