The Swiss Miss Part 2: Painting & Flooring

Beginning work on the Linderhof Condo has been exciting, but daunting. When we left the closing we were elated and so excited to be back, but walking into the unit and seeing the vintage furniture and appliances, a barely functional bathroom and shag carpeting made everything real. We had to get working. We had driven up for the day sans toddler, but with painting supplies and tools. We started by taping and planning, then loading up our truck with old furniture and appliances to bring to the recycling center.

Erick and I in the living room, the day we closed

Erick and I in the living room, the day we closed

Our friend Courtney was an incredible help on this project, and really we can’t thank her and her husband Charlie, enough. She spent a good portion of her July in the unit and even hosted us at her house while we were up north working too. We chose Simply White by Benjamin Moore to give the condo a clean and brighter look, opting to paint the wainscoting as well.

Seeing as it was the week of July 4th, we did take the day off of working to celebrate. Even more special this year was being able to watch and support Courtney as she marched in local parades, as she serves in the National Guard. She has been such a great friend to us over the years, and now with all her help with the condo it was awesome to see her in action. Jeffy loved the firetrucks, and was also able to scoop up a bunch of parade candy— what a day!


July 5 and back to the grind! Jeff, Courtney and I went to Home Depot first thing in the morning and picked up supplies to start the laminate flooring. Erick went straight to the condo from Courtney’s and finished up some painting/started prepping for the flooring. We chose a Pergo Laminate wooden flooring, in the hopes that it would be more durable in the unit, especially since we planned to rent it out. We packed up the car (to the max!) and headed to the condo!

Erick and Courtney worked to finish the first bedroom that day. Courtney stopped by and worked a few more days while we were back in Southern New Hampshire and finished up the other bedroom as well as the kitchen and living room! She did a great job and it totally transformed the space. She also removed the countertop with her husband Charlie in preparation for the granite countertops to be installed.

2809-2018-024812210374514799629 (1).jpeg

So much progress made in the first few weeks of work! It was starting to show promise and we were thrilled to have some of the bigger projects done. Special thanks to Courtney for all of her help!

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