Hi, I'm glad you've stopped by! I'm Debbie! I live in Southern New Hampshire with my husband Erick and our son J.P. We recently relocated back to NH from San Francisco, where we learned and loved to surf, cycle and play softball year round. Now we're back in the land of winters and enjoy skiing, hiking and we're starting our very first vegetable garden this year--definitely a perk of country living!  

I grew up as the middle of 9 children (I know, wow!) and have learned a lot about big families, parenthood and life from my parents as well as my many siblings.  I am a former French teacher and LOVE all things French, hence my blog name! As I have journeyed through life and most recently parenthood I have discovered a few tricks and ideas that I think make it all seem a bit better. Becoming a mother has been wonderful in so many ways, but also daunting and challenging in others. My goal is to have this site to be a fresh, honest take on parenting & life, while also offering helpful tips to make the journey of parenthood seem easier while also offering honest reviews on the millions of baby products out there, because believe me I've tried many a thing to calm my once fussy baby. Please follow me as I journey through motherhood and document my days here.



Interested in knowing more about me? Looking for encouragement, ideas, or just a listening ear? Want to collaborate or have a product you'd like me to try? Do you have a place in mind you'd like me to visit? 

I'd love to hear it all!