The Secret To Packing Easy School Lunches

Back to school means back to packing lunches. I for one find it hard to consistently pack healthy lunches for my son as well as myself now that I'm back to work as a teacher. I tend to feed him as many wholesome foods as possible, staying away from excess sugars and food dyes. For snacks, I'm all set: we eat a variety of fruits, raisins, trail mixes, freeze dried fruits, seaweed snacks, etc. But for lunches, I just can't seem to consistently make and pack hearty lunches for us both, especially as I'm tired from that day at work, and already trying to prepare a healthy dinner.  As a mother, I find it so hard to do it all well, luckily I found a simple solution to the lunch time grind with Nomsly--a healthy subscription lunch service for kids!

At the beginning of the school year I was also in my first trimester of a pregnancy, feeling ever so ill and totally adverse to any sort of food. It was then, that I passed by the Lunchables section at a grocery store and actually paused. I had never considered purchasing my son a ready-made meal, but it seemed so easy, especially at a time in my life where preparing healthy meals seemed so daunting. I picked one up and read the long list of ingredients and decided against it, while it seemed so easy and convenient, I couldn't in good conscience feed my son a box full of preservatives on the reg. Instead, I remembered a subscription service I had come across at an expo last spring.  Nomsly is a subscription service based in Boston, delivering chef prepared kids' meals to the greater New England area. They work with professional chefs and a nutritionist to develop a healthy lunch menu that features produce from local New England farms--can't beat that! So much healthier than Lunchables or the grab bag lunch I would throw together in a pinch. Each week there are 9 meal options, including vegetarian options. Check out a few meals from this sample menu:

So many great and healthy options! My son is obsessed with the Soba Noodle Salad! Image Credit:

So many great and healthy options! My son is obsessed with the Soba Noodle Salad! Image Credit:

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 2.33.24 PM.png

My son loves their Asian pasta salad dishes, and to be honest I've even eaten some of their meals (seriously the BBQ Chicken was incredible). I can't help but eat them as well, they're fresh and delicious and so convenient. Another great element of Nomsly is their great customer service, which I always appreciate. They run specials all the time on their website, Facebook, and Instagram page--offering free meals! In fact the first meals I ordered were shipped to me free, which was the perfect way to try this guilt free. Free fresh food? Less work for me? Ok!!  Feel free to check them out with my code {click here} any order you place will provide me a little kick back, meaning more meals for J.P (and me, haha!). Also, rest assured that any promo code you come across will work in addition to using my link, so you don't have to give up any free meals to support me and my blog--mix and match them up and score some free meals! I was so pleased with my free meals, we keep ordering and haven't looked back! Thanks to Nomsly for making kid's lunches easy, stress-free, and healthy! So click here, give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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