Aldi Grocery List: What I Buy & How to Save

The wonderful thing about Aldi is it's price point on organic goods. I've been shopping at Aldi for about a year, and avoid going to the "regular" grocery store as often as I can, for fear of spending more on the same items I could buy at Aldi. People have asked me what it is exactly that I buy there, and how much cheaper is it, really? Throughout my time of shopping at Aldi, I discovered that I typically spend about $20-30 less per visit than at other grocery stores, all while buying many of the same items I would typically buy at any other store. In fact, I find that I am more apt to buy all organic at Aldi, whereas at another store I might skimp because of cost.

I've tried to create a short list of some of the typical items I buy at Aldi are, along with their cost. Of course I am always trying new things at Aldi, so I'll try to keep this list updated. There are some good staple items here that may help you discover something new if you're a regular Aldi shopper, or prices so low that it may just jump start you into shopping at Aldi if you're on the fence. It can seem daunting shopping at such a unique store like Aldi, but I listed 5 things to know about the store here in this post to simplify it. I love shopping at Aldi for many reasons, but one of the best reasons I love shopping at Aldi is that they carry so many great and organic staple items at a lower price point than any grocer I've seen. This makes stocking your fridge and pantry cheaper--leaving room in your budget for novelty items or simply just to add to your savings account. Here are a few of my tried and true grocery finds at Aldi:

hottest makeupproducts (1).jpg


  • Apple Cider Vinegar (USDA Organic) $1.99 (16.9 oz)

  • White Vinegar (for use in my diy home cleaners) $2.39 ( 60 cents cheaper than my grocery store!)

  • Coconut Oil (USDA Organic, unrefined) $4.99 (14 oz)

  • Olive Oil (USDA Organic) $3.99 (16.9 oz)

  • Ketchup (USDA Organic) $1.69

  • Pasta sauce (USDA Organic) $1.99

  • Pasta (USDA Organic) $1.19

  • Red Raspberry Jam (USDA Organic) $2.49

  • Peanut Butter (USDA Organic) $3.89

  • Sprouted 7 Grain Bread (Non-GMO) $2.99

  • Lentil, Chicken Soup, or Italian Wedding Soup (USDA Organic) $1.79 each

  • Organic Chicken Broth & Chicken Bone Broth (USDA Organic) $1.49

  • SimplyNature Organic Instant Oatmeal – $2.99


  • Eggs (USDA Organic, brown) $3.49

  • Whole Milk Half Gallon (USDA Organic) $2.95

  • Juice Smoothie $2.79

  • Butter (1lb) $1.99

  • Spinach and Kale (USDA Organic) $2.49 and $3.49

  • Medley Potatoes (1.5lbs) $2.99

  • Asparagus (1lb) $1.49

  • Red Grapes ($1.65lb)

  • Bananas ($0.59/lb)

  • French Inspired Flatbread Pizza $3.99

  • SimplyNature Organic Frozen Blueberries – $2.99

  • SimplyNature Organic Frozen Strawberries – $2.69

  • SimplyNature Organic Fruit Bars – $2.69

  • SimplyNature Frozen Sweet Peas/Broccoli/Brussel Sprouts – $1.89



  • Prosciutto $2.99

  • Sliced Cheeses $2.79

  • Never Any sliced lunch meat (I've tried both Ham & Turkey) $3.29

  • Fit & Trim Chicken Hot Dogs $2.79

  • Ground Beef (USDA Organic, grass fed) $5.49

  • Whole Chicken and Chicken Breasts (Never Any) $7.34 (This was the the last one we bought but the cost is $2.49 per pound)

  • Breakfast Sausages $2. 69


  • Veggie Chips $2.89

  • Organic Tortilla Chips with Flax Seeds $2.89

  • Pretzles $2.89

  • Nutella (can't help myself) $2.19

  • Nuts (the large mixed nuts container) $12.79

  • Dried and Freeze dried fruit here is the best!

  • Dried Cranberries $1.29

  • Dried Mango $3.89

  • French Brioche $3.89