Afternoon Delight

Sometimes I think my happiest moments in life are simple afternoons at home with my husband and son.

On the quiet afternoons my husband is home from work, he lays down with us in bed, and tells Jeff elaborate stories in which Jeff and his cousins, dubbed "Jeffy's Gang" save the day. Jeff eats these stories up, and honestly so do I. The thoughtfulness and creativity he develops in a 5 minute story is incredible.   

I used to miss these moments,  taking a break from mothering and letting Erick put Jeff to bed. But there's something about this pregnancy that's made me a little more sentimental and a lot more tired. So instead of sipping my afternoon latte alone and getting some work done, I find myself in the bed, enjoying these little moments. A part of me wonders if the new baby's arrival will change these little family moments,  but I'd like to imagine it won't. I daydream of having another child between us, and a whole new level of love.

As I lay on the other side of the bed, an immense feeling of love and thankfulness permeates through me. I'm so glad I'm able to enjoy these quiet moments, with my toddler son dozing to sleep as my husband creates a thoughtful story, all while the baby growing inside me moves and kicks -- I never want to take any of it for granted.  

There are some incredible times in life, like this summer when Jeffy and I went to Paris, or last year when I went to visit friends in San Francisco, but there is something exceptional about the ordinary that shouldn't be overlooked, like the quiet afternoon naptime filled with love or tricycle rides around the neighborhood. These moments are fleeting and just as important.

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