Deb's Deals: December

It's the first of the month which means discount day at my local consignment shop here in New Hampshire. I went in to check on a few items I've had my eye on recently, things I took a chance on waiting to buy at a discount. 

Lo and behold they were both still there! This doesn't always happen,  as waiting for the discount often means you lose the item to someone else who's already content with the consignment price. I scored B.O.C black leather clogs for $12.00 instead of the $49.95 they retail for on amazon.  They are in New condition, and two hours later I'm already wearing them on a cold December day.

My second steal of the day was a Longchamp nylon backpack. Also risky to wait on this one,  but again it was a want not a need so worth the risk. The employees at this small town consignment store were fun to buy from, as they shared my excitement: "finally someone is buying the red Longchamp!" they exclaimed. We can't believe people didn't buy it at $30! To be honest,  neither can I considering it retails for anywhere from $125 to $142 on Amazon. I'm hopeful it'll make for a nice lightweight diaper bag option since I plan to wear my new baby in a sling and want to be hands free as much as possible.

 Speaking of slings, I also recently scored a great Wildbird brand sling off of a Facebook buy, sell, trade group.  I’m hopeful that this baby will be totally snuggled and comfortable in a sling so that I can be hands free when running errands or chasing a running toddler. But since I can’t be sure, I wasn’t ready to pay full retail on it. I followed them on instagram and found that they had a buy/sell/trade group on Facebook. From there I observed a week of posts to gauge the pricing things go for and what type of fabric I might want to start out with. I chose a bamboo-linen blend and knew I’d have to get lucky on the sale site, as they are no longer manufacturing bamboo. I was lucky enough to get one for $50 shipped to me from a nice mom in Texas— I was ecstatic, especially because I’ve seen the same sling listed on the sale site for $75 and $90. I’m so excited to give it a try and know that I can pass it along or sell it if doesn’t work out for us.

I love finding good deals and bargains, likely from growing up thrift shopping with my mom at rummage sales. Do you have any favorite shops or tips I should try?

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