Easy Turmeric Tea Recipe

During a recent trip to San Francisco, my friend introduced me to Turmeric Tea. Known for it's anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is a great addition to your diet. Consuming turmeric in any form (curries, tea, soups or sauces) supports digestion, boosts your immune system as well as liver function. For a more detailed list of health benefits, check out the information by my friends over at Cognitude Smarter Health.   My friend began drinking this tea daily after experiencing a herniated disk and opted to avoid back surgery by consuming turmeric for it's anti-inflammatory properties and attending physical therapy, and it worked!

I'm always into trying new health tricks so of course I opted to try a cup of her turmeric tea when she offered it. I was expecting it to be bitter and strange, as I've only really consumed turmeric in curries, but it was surprisingly sweet and delicious. It's sweet enough that even my toddler drinks it! I felt great afterwards and found myself wanting to refill my mug. During my stay at her house we drank it daily, and since returning home a month ago, I haven't stopped yet. I find myself in the routine of making this every morning when I first get up. I like the routine, but mostly I like the way I feel starting each day off on a healthy note.  I've added ginger to this recipe, and I've heard a pinch of black pepper aids in the activation of the turmeric, so I may start to add that as well. The great thing is that this recipe is easy to tailor this to your liking, so play around with the ingredients and portions.  

Ingredients: Pure Maple Syrup, lemon, organic turmeric, and ginger.

Ingredients: Pure Maple Syrup, lemon, organic turmeric, and ginger.

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Easy Turmeric Tea Recipe:

1. Start by covering the bottom of a mug with turmeric. Don't be afraid to use a teaspoon or two.

2.  Add a slice of fresh ginger and squeeze a slice of lemon into the mug, adding the slice after squeezing. 

3. Add a teaspoon of Maple Syrup (I like to cover all the other ingredients with it).  I like to add Pure Maple Syrup as it is also filled with antioxidants, but honey works too!). Add hot water, stir, and enjoy!

Let me know what you think! 

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